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Below are a number of different case studies that you might find use of as you decide whether you want to work with us now or later. We have not included our own sites here to protect our own commercial success!

Below are a small selection from clients that are happy to have their case studies shared. If you would like to talk to any of these companies direct please let us know.


Case Study Xi Training (Strategy Development)

The Situation:

Xi training is one of the UK’s leading ‘work at height training ‘ companies. Even though Xi training was aware of the benefits online marketing could bring, they remained sceptical that it could work for their organisation.When doing a Google search, the Xi training website was found on Google. However traffic and visitors to the site were intermittent.

The Managing Director of Xi training and Lars Communications is Glen Pearson. Being MD of tow busy companies is demanding and Glen appreciated the need for a well thought out strategy and plan for Xi that would link both on and offline marketing opportunities.

The outcome of the strategy and plan was a stronger ‘presence online’ and the conversion of enquiries and opportunities into increased training course bookings.

What we did:

As a first step, Glen attended an educational workshops, we ran.The next step included spending a full and focused day at Xi with Glen and the team. The output from this was a documented strategy and plan of action for Xi training that included both off and online marketing.

As a result of our research and a gap analysis, the plan identified key groups to target and a phased development of activity online and through social media.

The Results:

Within a matter of weeks business started to improve and for the first time in a number of months training number targets were achieved. On page SEO optimization took place only and has resulted on a page 1 position without any link building.




Case Study: Stuart Powell Inspiring Influence (Social Media Online Reputation Management|Strategy)


The Situation:

Stuart Powell is a young UK entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer and the current UK ambassador for Young Enterprise. He is developing a range of business opportunities at the moment including the brand “Inspiring Influence”.

The challenge for Stuart was that there are several ‘Stuart Powell’s’ online. This was impacting his online presence and diluting his message to the market. Quite simply this Stuart Powell was nowhere to be found. Stuart had a simple outcome. He wanted to be “found” online and in places that would impact his brand and give him the most leverage.


What we did:

The first step was to meet with Stuart and scope out the first phase of his strategy. This included working with the most appropriate social media channels in a way that was consistent and easy to leverage. In addition, Stuart attended two workshops run by ourselves to further his own knowledge and understanding as a business owner about ‘Social media marketing’ and ‘Internet marketing for business’.

The Results:

Within a matter of weeks Stuart had multiple listings on page one of Google and was consistently appearing in the first 4-5 places.

The Inspiring Influence brand presence has grown significantly. Even more significant is that Inspiring Influence just won its largest 5 figure training contract. For a new business in the current climate this is evidence that anything is possible.





Case Study Mataco [Keyword Research and Initial Link Building | Online Marketing Training| Strategy Development]

The Situation:

Mataco is a ‘business continuity planning software product’ created by Savant the developers of the software that runs our national blood transfusion service. Savant needed help with the creation of an online strategy that they could develop and implement themselves.

They also needed initial help in understanding what their market was looking for, and how best to engage with them.


What we did:


Fast track your sales  spent a planning day with Savant and created a ‘marketing Strategy document ‘ based on the gap analysis.We carried out some advanced keyword and competitor analysis and advised Savant of the exact on page optimization. This was followed by a one off link building campaign and the creation of a number of online press releases for Mataco. We also carried out a number of coaching sessions with the Mataco team to help them in the implementation of their own online marketing efforts.




The Results:

Mataco appeared on page one of Google for the first time. This was through the addition of on page relevant search terms and a small amount of link building.




Case Study Email Marketing ( Excel Communications )


“Being relatively new to my business development role, I wanted to make an impact quickly. I had been aware that email marketing could be impactful and generate results.I decided to email our client database and remind them of one of the many workshops we provide for managers and leaders.

The only challenge was that I hadn’t written a promotional email before, however our company had just started talking to Fast track Your Sales about helping us with our online marketing strategy. It made sense to get some help. I am pleased to say, that as a result of their advice and expertise. I sent out an email to 600 clients. Remarkably 76% opened it. We have never had such an open rate before. In addition we’ve had 12% of clients sign up to our email newsletter and even 1 client requested a workshop as a direct result of the mailer.

I am delighted with the results and I know that I can use the same techniques and principles again in future campaigns.

Rachel Burton

Exel Comm

Case Study Expert Accountancy (SEO |Keyword Research | Strategy)


The Situation:

Expert accountancy is an Accounting firm based in the North of England and came to us with a classic problem. They were a new company in a competitive field, with a website no one could find and not enough clients.

Expert Accountancy were also aware that the life time value of an Accountancy client was high and that online marketing would be key for them.

They were honest enough to admit that they didn’t have a clue where to start or what to do when it came to marketing themselves online and needed help without being bamboozled by jargon.

Expert Accountancy appreciated the opportunity that internet marketing and having an online presence would bring. This included branding themselves as a “local” accountant while at the same time having a dominant place on page 1 of Google, and an online presence that would be a lead generating system for them.

Their goals were to appear on page 1of Google and to generate potential sales leads from the Northwest.

They did have a simple 4 page website (not created by Cube!! tut tut) that was indexed by Google. The website had not been optimized for the search engines. While the Expert Accountancy website did appear on Google, the first listing appeared on page 10.

What we did:

Our first step included developing a strategy and 6 month plan based on detailed conversations to understand the business and market.
This included specific geographies to target and a search engine optimization plan.

The strategy included; detailed keyword research and analysis of the market. A targeted, tailored and detailed SEO campaign. We began with initial optimization of the website and its pages and the creation of a Google places listing. Following on was a tailored SEO campaign over a period of 6 months. This included writing Articles and creating videos.

The Results:

Expert Accountancy dominate page 1 of Google (See screen capture) for their choosen keywords. This results in consistent lead generation and the acquisition of new clients.

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