If you are the sort of recruitment business owner that just wants the facts without a context: the list is at the bottom of the article. Though you might miss some subtle gems between the lines. I am an avid reader as you might have gathered from last week’s post on Chris Evans. I also… Read more »

A recent survey by Charterhouse reported that over 50% of marketers admit that they are dependent on third party agencies to help deliver their marketing campaigns because they don’t have either; the budget or headcount to deliver everything they need. You can read the full article here on marketing magazines website. Marketing and its delivery… Read more »

  Latest news last week was that Tesco made several of its marketers redundant; interestingly, on the back of Michael Cornish being promoted to group digital officer and plans that Tesco have to recruit 150 people to boost its digital offering. …And your point is Denise? Over the past few weeks we have chatted about… Read more »

There is one thing you need, above all else, when it comes to; what and how you ‘communicate’ when marketing your recruitment brand. It’s probably not what you think either. OK here it is: emotion. We could get all scientific about it and people buy with their emotions and later justify with logic.The truth is… Read more »

As a recruitment business owner, that is serious about growing, you need a website that is part of your marketing plan and a reflection of what you want your brand to communicate about you and the recruitment services you offer. As you are reading this the summer holidays are drawing to a close and the… Read more »

Last week I talked about One Direction and how they were, and still are, marketed through social media. All well and good for a boy band with a target market of young teenage girls. So what about a ‘normal’ business like recruitment? It might surprise you that the story is similar for many businesses according… Read more »

  Prefer to read ? Here is the transcript please excuse any typos Hi! It’s Sharon Newey back from Super Fast Recruitment. A a few weeks ago, Denise and I were on the call with one of our mentors from Australia and it felt like he was a stuck record because he kept going on… Read more »