I was surfing…as you do… and came across this useful article from SEO Book. It is an interesting fact that along with Estate agents many people just don’t like or trust online marketers. Just last night I had a conversation with a potential new client who commented that I seemed’normal”. Now the definition of what… Read more »

B2B marketing strategies are paramount if you want to increase your revenue. The old boy or girl network is one thing and if you don’t follow some basic steps you will not create the business or life style you desire. Here are 7 easy rules to follow for any business owner wanting to sell to… Read more »

Our final two in the series of hot web marketing ideas. The two strategies we are sharing are quite different and yet the outcome is similar. They speak into exactly what Google is looking for at the moment. 9. Guest Posting and Guest Blogging Guest posting or Guest blogging as it is sometimes known is… Read more »

Continuing our list of web marketing ideas from last week we want to explore the different avenues that are delivering results for us in various markets. Today we are going to cover 4 key areas (jargon speak is platforms!) that will work for all business ventures. The 4 in question form part of the social… Read more »

Web marketing is one important stream of activity serious business owners and experts in their field need to use. Over the last few weeks we have talked about lead generation and having a promotional plan for exactly what you want to achieve in the next few months. What we wanted to do is share 10… Read more »

Over the last few weeks marketing strategies and lead generation have been the focus of what we are sharing. Not just for the good of everyone’s health…though of course it will help. Through our conversations with clients and colleagues we know that this time of year starts many of us thinking about our own sales… Read more »

We are continuing our series on lead generation strategies that work. A pretty obvious one and……… Drum roll you need a website. Not just any old website. I mean a direct response website. One that encourages your visitor to take action. Especially if you are a company selling in the B2B arena. So what is… Read more »

Lead generation is the life blood of any business. It does not matter if you are a start-up, an established SME, or a larger organisation with a million pound or dollar plus turnover. A key fundamental of business growth is having a number of lead generation strategies that are consistently used. One of the main… Read more »

  Online marketing is great isn’t it? Quick , cost effective and it works…well most of the time. As long as you are doing one thing? The same thing that you ‘should’ be doing in all your other marketing streams. Last year I had lunch with two friends and someone who in my world is a bit… Read more »