You will all be pleased to know the Paintbrushes manifested themselves at 6.37pm onlast Friday evening. The good news is the bathroom looks great. The even better news is Bruce is finishing the rest off as this email is landing in your inbox. So why isn’t it your fault that your prospective clients can’t find you? Let me share a story…. Read more »

A busy week at Fast Track/Najeda. Soon to be followed by a busy weekend of painting. I have a question for you. Is it just me or does anyone else loose paintbrushes? Where do they go? I digress. I still had time this week to indulge in a passion of mine. Looking for ‘good news’ when it comes to… Read more »

I love Fridays don’t you? You see Fridays are my planning and study days. Funny that the more we plan the more we achieve. This is related to our client’s who took action by the way. One part of our 2012 plan was to get some marketing and strategy advice to take our business to the next level…. Read more »

How to get clients for your business is usually the initial conversation we have with potential new clients that come to us. Either by referral or many other lead generation ideas we use. The truth is this is a key activity in anyone’s business. No matter the maturity or not of your business model we… Read more »

Lead generation either makes or breaks a business. The more clients you have the more business and profit you will make. I know I am stating the obvious and yet many local business owners think that leads will just come in as if by magic. Today I want to share 7 must do lead generation… Read more »

Lead generation is hot. You just need to hunt around Google and you will see how popular this topic is. Yet the truth is many business owners do not prioritise this activity as a key function of their business. Are you making these three mistakes? No Lead Generation Strategy This is the most common mistake… Read more »

Website copy writing is one of the key skills to either outsource or learn about quickly, especially if you want to leverage the growing trend of online marketing. In today’s market more and more of your potential clients are looking online for products and services. Latest data suggests that over 80 % of consumers look… Read more »

Small Business Email Marketing Services Small business email marketing is hot at the moment and in fact has been for the last couple of years. No matter what the gurus say Social networking is not all it is cracked up to be. If you are really serious about developing your business online then creating a… Read more »