Marketing and Sales

A mentor of ours always says that…

Marketing creates the demand and Selling converts it into sales

Coming from a combined sales and marketing background of over 50 years we  both agree. The difference now for many companies is the appearance of the world wide web. At some level it is actually easier to get going with a business and at a much lower cost. The downside is social proof and peer review online can potentially make or break you, if you don’t attend to the details.

The real value now, when it comes to…….” how to get clients”, is combining the best of  both worlds. That is what is now called ‘offline marketing’ and online marketing.

We both come from a traditional sales and marketing background. We spent many years working with some of the most switched on companies in the world. When we started our own company the web was just getting into it’s stride. We soon realised that we needed to embrace this channel for our own companies growth and that, if we really wanted to help our clients, deliver services for them as well.

Have a look around the site. You will get a sense whether we are the ‘type’ of company you want to work with. The various services we offer are listed. We also package some of our services together, so that clients get exactly what it is that they need.


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