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Last week I went on Holiday. It is the same place we go every year in early July, I guess you could say it is a bit of a ritual of ours. The middle of the year, time for a break, a recharge and reflection on what is happening in the business and what might be next. Have you ever noticed when you pull away from the ‘day job’, even for a short while, all these ideas pop into your head; or is that just me?

Apart from my trusty iPod I like to take a few books with me. This year I was encouraged to take one of Chris’s Evans autobiographies…yes he has two…now there is a great marketing idea for you.

Showing my age I remember listening to him many years ago when he was a DJ on Piccadilly Radio in Manchester. The guy is bright and quite an amazing entrepreneur. In January 2010 he took over from Sir Terry on Radio 2 to present one of the most popular radio shows of all time. There was quite a debate about how it would actually work. Sir Terry v’s Chris? Two very different people or maybe not.

Well the facts are it has and to the point where Mr Evans has increased his listener’s way beyond what your average man on the street expected. The truth is the show works like a well-oiled machine. Everything is planned and executed consistently which produced the result that Chris Evans knew was possible

So how does he do it and how does it relate to your recruitment marketing planning? Breaking it down

1. Vision

He has a vision about what he wants to create; the value he can add. That sets the frame of everything that goes into the show. Might be old hat for some people and yet if you don’t have a vision of where your recruitment company wants to be you literally will have no chance of getting there. As human beings we like goals; it is how we are wired. From the vision falls everything else; your strategic priorities; your actions; your measures. That level of focus will bring results. If you want to be the number one recruitment agency in your locality or sector you will need a plan to make it happen…and it can by the way.

2. Advice


In his book Chris talkes about going to see Terry Wogan and asking his advice. Terry shared how he mapped out the year and built his programme around it. Two key events being Children in Need and Comic relief. It’s called Key event planning….is it something you can do?

3. Milestones

recruitment marketing milestones

In May this year Chris Evan’s hit 9.8 million listeners a day. That has always been in the plan. It is now the most popular radio show in the UK. There may be some debate that radio one has a new presenter that is not as popular. Hey ho……let’s call it luck and opportunities like that will land in your lap; you have to make sure you are ready to receive them. A mentor of ours always talks about; ‘slow is fast’ and that to build a business you need the groundwork in place, which is where milestones come in. I know for many recruiters fast is fast! Or that is how it seems. If you are in this for the long haul, which I suspect you are, you want to produce a sale-able asset;so plan for it. If needs be take it step by step and have mini milestones along the way.

4. Planning

In the book Chris talks about how he plans each show, each week, each month etc. It does take that level of detail. It’s working; in fact it works for every business that puts this way of working into action. If you are a big picture person get someone in the business to help you or bring in some external marketing support.

strategic priorities

After I put down the book I went back to our own strategic priorities for this year and realised that one of them we had not yet taken major action on. It was in the plan only with not enough detail and timelines.

So how might this look for you and your own strategic priorities this year? What have you taken action on and what are your results. There is plenty of time left; after all you are in this for the long haul remember?


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