We Help You Stand Out In Your Market,
Attract More Leads and Win More Business

Consultants change the world: it’s a fact. You already know that though; that’s why you are passionate about your expertise and want to make a difference by supporting the people you work with to solve their problems.

Delivering outstanding service isn’t your issue, is it? However, I suspect juggling projects while winning new business might be.

We understand your dilemma; we experienced it in the past too.

We both left our corporate roles over 17 years ago to start our own business. It has had a few iterations of the years.

It wasn’t always easy; through trial and error and a lot of hard work, we discovered the fundamental shifts we had to make.

Today we run our own marketing services and training company for the recruitment and staffing sector, called Superfast Recruitment.

At the same time, we work with other consultants to accelerate their growth using our tested strategies, frameworks and blueprints that have delivered for us for well over a decade.