About Us

The Fast Track Your Sales Team

Fast Track Your Sales is different to most online marketing companies. Our background is sales and marketing. In fact heretics that we are we advocate the use of offline and online marketing as a way to really accelerate your companies growth

  1. We’re a boutique company that specializes in working with a select group of clients.
  2. We have our own online business(s)
  3. We live and work in the middle of the stunning Lake District in the UK. Our team is entirely virtual. Being based in Northern England, Florida, and California.  This means we’re able to recruit the best from the pool of talent available without the limitation of one fixed location. Plus we get to work with a people who love what they do.
  4. Our passion’s are many and varied and we are lucky enough to live them in the work we do.
  5. We’re obsessed with results and working closely with clients.
  6. Our two directors have over 50 years’ successful experience in sales and marketing

Sharon Newey    Sales and Marketing Director
( That’s me on the left )

After a fast track career in sales and marketing, Sharon had many successful years in both disciplines. She then became heavily involved in coaching and development in a business context. This then led to starting  her own successful training company. An offshoot of this was developing her own marketing and sales pipeline at a time when the digital world was taking off.

Discovering she had ‘knack’ for this,  a new business was born!

Coaching at commercial director level, with the likes of Mars, Adelphi and the NHS. The combination of business skills and the ability to help business leaders think through their challenges, enables MDs and CEOs to make the most of the high growth opportunities that digital media and online marketing bring.

Sharon’s extensive skill level has been gained by studying in the USA with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier and Dr Susie Smith, gaining qualifications in advanced business consulting, and NLP at a Master Practitioner and Trainer level.
This breadth of understanding of the human psyche helps business owners swiftly, embrace and move forward in the rapidly changing digital media age.

Sharon runs the Fast Track Your Sales training events and seminars where she teaches business owners how to bring their ideas to life and market,using the power of Internet marketing.


Denise Oyston    Digital Strategist and Copywriting Director

Denise enjoyed a highly successful career as a sales and business director in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Her career spanned over 27 years and saw her win numerous national sales and marketing awards.
Having set up a number of specialist sales divisions that launched many new products, Denise then decided it was time to explore new ventures.

You see Denise was always fascinated by the newly emerging digital and online business landscape. As she developed her passion for digital media, Denise studied Online Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies with leading marketers in the USA and Australia and continues to do so.

Denise now works with clients to develop and deliver innovative digital marketing campaigns, which align with each individual business’s goals and outcomes. This allows business owners to make more informed choices and decisions when it comes to investing in marketing and business development.

Denise is an accomplished direct response marketing writer. Copywriting is her passion, helping clients in fields as diverse as; Dog training, Leadership development, Accountancy and Manufacturing.

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