SEO myths abound online. This is a classic one that I spotted on a well read recruitment forum recently. In fact last week I was in a conversation with a recruiter who was suffering from a classic case of SEO gobbledegook….is that a word? It seems to be appropriate in this particular scenario. I used… Read more »

Hi Guys apologies on the slightly shaking video just getting used to some new equipment and editing software. To make it easier there is also a transcript below. If you found this useful please use the share buttons  either on the left of this post or down at the bottom. Transcription Do you know the… Read more »

Did you know that as a recruitment business owner you are likely sitting on a goldmine?! Yes really. If you have a database you certainly are. No matter what the naysayers might spout email marketing works, especially in the recruitment industry.There are few online marketing techniques as effective as e- marketing. Despite constant predictions about… Read more »

Before you groan about another article on mobile marketing for recruiters just take a minute to scan this one. It is from Andy Whitehead. As business owners we only need to look at our own behaviour to appreciate that surfing on a mobile or tablet device is increasing. A few weeks ago I was on… Read more »